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Welcome to the new world. I'm G. You may call me Jeramu, G or Nova, anything works. Feel free to look around my submissions, although there's plenty of room for work. I do things at a whim, therefore updates may be random depending on the inspiration source. Once again, welcome to my page.
My usual watermarks are either 'Jtkl788', 'Jeramu' or 'G.'
If you want to use any of my works, just let me know. No need to credit me, but I need to know what they're being used for.


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Azure Kite Signature by jtkl788
Azure Kite Signature
Ah yes, it's been a long time since my previous work. College life has its ups and downs, hehe. Hearing Project X Zone 2's rendition of Gentle Hands reminds me of .hack//g.u., and I was like "hey, let's do one for Azure Kite".
I wouldn't say this one turned out well, to me it didn't. It had its ups and downs, and overall it was a learning experience. (You could say I've gotten rusty, or I'm just out of shape for my graphics touch lately, hehe)
Nevertheless, a completed work is complete.
Azure Kite from .hack//g.u., enjoy! :)
Arturia Pendragon Signature by jtkl788
Arturia Pendragon Signature
Right, it's been a long time since I updated. I will have to apologize for the delay.
Short semester has been very hectic, and I've been looking for a character to work on for the past two months... let's just say I never really found one that clicked "oh yeah, time to make a piece centered around this character!", which I usually get.
So... it was a rather interesting learning experience. Like, you know when you work on a piece, saying "I can't wait to finish this!" because you have an image the moment you see it.
This time it was different, because I was suffering from a severe artist block... I had to create an image for this from a scratch, with much trial and error.
Pardon for the long essay. Arturia Pendragon, our popular Saberface from Fate. Enjoy.
-Mordred screaming Clarent Blood Arthur in the background-
Tsunayoshi Sawada Sig (2015) by jtkl788
Tsunayoshi Sawada Sig (2015)
The new semester just started a month ago, and it's been hectic as usual. I've finally found some spare time and inspiration to work on something new, and like every other work before this piece has also taught me new things.
Lighting and shadows were one of my biggest concerns and troubles for this one, but I like how it turned out in the end!
Also I decided to add a 2015 behind it because I've already done a Tsuna wallpaper before in my rookie days. In the future, I might even do another newer one, so I thought it was important to include a year for characters that I will most likely repeat.
In truth this was finished quite a few days ago, but I had to delay finalizing and publishing until my exams were over.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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